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Faculty of Agriculture

The Faculty of Agriculture was established in 1852 and has had a large didactic and research experience both nationally and internationally as it is the oldest and most prestigious agronomic higher educational institution in Romania.

The Faculty of Agriculture provides high qualification in the following domains: agronomy, forestry and biology. Also, it carries out scientific research activities in the following domains: agriculture, food security and safety, forestry, biology and the environment.


The graduates of the Faculty of Agriculture acquire qualifications that meet the requirements of the labour market from such sectors as production, services, scientific research, education, expertise and consulting, agribusiness, insurance, administration and integrated management of agricultural production, forestry and rural environment.

The Faculty of Agriculture organizes university studies on three levels, as follows:

Cycle I - B.Sc Studies, specializations:

  • Agriculture - full-time and part-time courses, 240 credits;
  • Soil Sciences - full-time courses, 240 credits;
  • Plant Protection - full-time courses, 240 credits;
  • Forestry - full-time courses, 240 credits;
  • Biology - full-time and part-time courses, 180 credits.

Cycle II - M.Sc Studies, specializations (120 credits):

  • Sustainable Agriculture;
  • Agricultural Consulting;
  • Management and Expertise of Land Resources;
  • Agro-ecosystem Protection and Phytosanitary Expertise;
  • Plant Breeding and Seed Production;
  • Operation of Technical Systems for Agriculture.

Cycle III - Doctoral Studies (length of studies: 3 years), under the supervision of well-known personalities from the university and academy, and nationally and internationally professors working in the agronomic field.



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