University of Agronomic Science and Veterinary Medicine - Bucureşti
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Faculty of Horticulture

Faculty of Horticulture was founded in 1948 on the base of Decree no. 175, regarding the Law for Educational Reform (published by Official Journal no. 177/1948) and the Ministry of Education Decision No. 263.327 (published in Official Journal no. 249/1948), being the oldest Romanian institution of higher education in this field.

The main objective of the Faculty of Horticulture is to prepare professionals of superior performances by licence, master and doctoral programs, in the both field horticulture and landscape architecture. The faculty has its own modern tools, 3 research centers, a highly skilled teaching staff and partnerships with educational and research institutions both in Romania and abroad, which provides a comprehensive training process of highest quality.

In this way, by the achieved skills, the graduates can find jobs not only in the field of horticulture production (fruit growing, viticulture and wine making, vegetable crops, floriculture, arboriculture and landscape architecture) or landscape architecture (design, implementation and landscape management) but also in scientific research, education, marketing, administration etc.




License area: Horticulture

Diploma: Engineer

License Specialization:

  • Horticulture
  • Landscape architecture

Master: Horticulture and landscape architecture

Master Specialization:

  • Integrated technologies for the production and use of superior quality and unpolluted horticultural products
  • Management of biodiversity conservation
  • Professional Technologies - management and marketing in wine-making field
  • Modeling and conservation of urban vegetation landscape

Doctorate: Doctor in Horticulture