University of Agronomic Science and Veterinary Medicine - Bucureşti
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Faculty of Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and Rural Development

The Faculty of Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and Rural Development has operated since 1992. The Faculty aims at training specialists with theoretical and practical knowledge in the domains of agriculture technologies and economic sciences. Thus the graduates can find jobs both in agricultural production and related sectors. Career perspectives: private and public enterprises; administration in the public sector, related with agriculture issues; agriculture chambers; tourism and agritourism; freelance work; agricultural production; scientific research in agriculture; education; banking and insurance; trade.

The studies programmes that our faculty currently provides are:

  • Bachelor studies, 4 years, for the specialisations in: “Economic
    Engineering in Agriculture” and “Engineering and Management in Public
    Catering and Agritourism”
  • Master’s studies, 2 years, for the specialisations in:
    • Management and Rural Development;
    • Quality and Innovation Management in the Agrifood Sector;
    • Management in Agritourism and Public Catering; Agribusiness;
    • Management and Internal Audit; Management of Life Long Learning in Agronomic Education.
  • Doctoral studies, in order to obtain the title of “doctor” in the fundamental domain of “Agronomy”.

During their studies, students develop their knowledge in the field of management, economic engineering in agriculture and rural development. The graduates are best prepared for their futures jobs where they can prove the capacity to search and provide best approaches and solutions. The faculty efforts towards practically-oriented courses in economic engineering sciences best qualifies students for their future careers and role as active citizens in a democratic society and for their personal development. To align curricula to the requirements of international standards, the faculty developed permanent collaboration with European universities, showing openness towards European Higher Education Area, based on international cooperation and academic exchange.