University of Agronomic Science and Veterinary Medicine - Bucureşti
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Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

The 15 May 1861 is the birth day of the First Veterinary School in Romania, providing classes based on his curriculum: in 1883 the school get his campus. In the 1921, by the Law of Superior School of Veterinary Medicine, it become Faculty of VeterinaryMedicine: this event stated the veterinary medical training at the academic education level.

So, it raised the first and unic, at this time, faculty of veterinary medicine from Balkan area, many students from neighborough countries (Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Macedonia, Albania, Greece) graduated, and still graduate here.

This priceless legacy asked for posterity to continuous up-grade the curriculum and the syllabuses, the campus and his professional body, in order to comply with the national and European standards. At once it increased the educational panel- School of Post-Graduation Studies and Long Life Learning.

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Bucharest was the first included, from March 2002, on the “List of Evaluated and Approved Institutions” by European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education.

Our faculty is providing long form education in two tracks Veterinary Medicine, the license degree being Doctor Veterinary Surgeon (DVM) and Control and expertise of alimentary products, the license degree being Engineer.

Post-graduate education is carried out by The Academic School of Veterinary Medicine Postgraduate Studies, scholars being granted as expert in one of the fourth practice arms: physician, food hygiene, laboratory diagnostic and veterinary management. The postgraduate studies being entirely self-financed.

The professional body is involved in different national research projects, but also in international one, as those financed by World Bank or in partnership with other universities as Cambridge University (METAL Project).